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  • 買啤酒設備、精釀啤酒設備就找宿州市豪妍設備有限公司



    文字:[大][中][小] 手機頁面二維碼 2019/10/23     瀏覽次數:    
    小型精釀啤酒設備主要分為三種,家庭精釀啤酒設備,酒店精釀啤酒設備和工廠精釀啤酒設備。There are three kinds of mini brewed beer equipment: home brewed beer equipment, hotel brewed beer equipment and factory brewed beer equipment



    The fresh beer produced by the micro fine brewed beer equipment is known as the top quality beer. Its development can not only enrich the variety of beer in our country and meet the higher level needs of consumers, but also has positive significance to promote the healthy development of beer industry in our country and to save energy, reduce pollution and protect the environment in the process of beer production. There are three kinds of mini brewed beer equipment: home brewed beer equipment, hotel brewed beer equipment and factory brewed beer equipment.



        First of all, let's understand the history of beer culture.

        The original beer production is fermentation in the barrel, the filtration is backward, and there may be wheat straw and wheat bran left in the wine, so the production volume is very small. With the continuous development of productivity, brewers have gradually solved the problems that could not be realized in the past, such as packaging, far and wide range sales, transparent appearance, long-term storage, mass production and so on, in order to improve efficiency and quality through physical and chemical means. In this way, the original rich connotation of beer has changed greatly. The breakthrough of brewed beer lies in the integration of original and modern production technology, forming a unique brewing technology, inheriting and carrying forward the excellent internal quality of beer in the original production state. China's beer production has grown from hundreds of thousands of tons 20 years ago to more than 22 million tons now, becoming the largest beer country after the United States.


    Fine brewed beer refers to a small and refined fresh beer factory with an annual output of less than 1000 tons, or brewery. It is mainly distributed in restaurants, bars, entertainment cities, restaurants and other small areas for operation and consumption. It is turbid in appearance, rich in beer yeast, and mainly for self-sufficient consumption, so it is also called refined beer.